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Welcome to the CookeBarracks.com Guestbook. 79% of 242 poll respondents said their time at Cooke was either "great" or "the best"; 14% reported "good". Only 7% reported "not so good", or "not good". Clearly, Cooke Barracks was a magical place and, perhaps, that's why so many people visit CookeBarracks.com. CookeBarracks.com was born October 2002 and is responsible for uniting many, many people separated years ago.

This is where those who served at Cooke find each other. You're invited to add your entry so others can find you. For the past ten years, lots and lots of reunions have been made via this Guestbook

Please note your post MUST INCLUDE your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and EMAIL ADDRESS or it will not post. Email addresses are hidden by the guestbook software and replaced with email links to prevent spamming and email harvesting. Said differently, your email address remains private unless you respond to a Guestbook entry. Only then will the person you wrote see your email address (but nobody else).

This guestbook includes a couple thousand entries over ten years. So, there's little point in searching page by page to locate someone. This is where Google is put to work. Here's how to search for a long lost friend:

Go to www.google.com and search for your friend exactly like you see in the line below (this includes the quotation marks and "plus sign" immediately next to 'cookebarracks.com'):

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Trust me, if your friend has posted an entry in the last decade, Google will return a direct link to the appropriate Guestbook page so you can email your friend.

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2,176 Entries
John Samony Email

What city are you located? Limerick

What state are you located? Pa

Served with 144th Sig ban assigned to IG team at neu ulm 1959-1961. Anyone remember me?

Richard L Blackburn Email

What city are you located? Riverside, Ca 92503

What state are you located? California

I was in the 404th 1965 to 1967 , brought my wife over in 1966 an were married in a double wedding with Ralph and Mary ellen Babcock our close friends at the Cooke Barracks Chapel. We lived off base as I was only a sp4. We owned a 53 split rear window volkswagon, a 62 volkswagon and bought a new 67 fastback that we brought back to the USA when discharged at Fort Dix. Sue worked at the PX, I worked in the records office (pt and rifle and pistol range qualifing) ask for the job so I would be able to go home every night. I think I worked for Sgt Bullock. The company clerk was Larry Longamire. We had a good time there.

earl t. moyers Email

What city are you located? knoxville

What state are you located? tennessee 37917

stationed in cook barracks in 1957 as a gasoline tanker driver. transfered to ansback germany as a semi driver carrying coporel missels.came home in april 1959. spent one year in 30th armored division in tennessee national guard discharded in 1961. my rank was spec 4.i have honorable discharge from the army and the tennesse national guard.trained in fort hood texas.

Dick Wilcox Email

What city are you located? Kingwood

What state are you located? Texas

I was stationed at Cook Barracks during during my tour,Jan 1964 to July 1965. When my wife was with me for the last 13 months we live off the post. I hope to have a book published during 2016 about my father life and our lives. I large part of our story is living in Germany while I was stationed in U.S. Army in Goppingen. The name of the book is Two Generations.

eddie lyon Email

What city are you located? red bluff

What state are you located? calif.

Looking for Ron fong,John sexton,cant remember a lot of names but there is many more.

Thomas Wolford 

What city are you located? Mount Dora,

What state are you located? Florida

I was stationed there from 1970 to 1972 with 48th Trans. I worked in the Avionics shop and drove 5ton for them to haul the old Sikorsky CH-37 Mojave to Bremerhaven. I transfered to Frankfurttill 1973 when I left Germany.

Jerome Washington Jr. Email

What city are you located? Kalamazoo

What state are you located? MI

If you remember me please give me a e-mail, love Jerome

Nancy Donaldson (Carias) Email

What city are you located? Chicago

What state are you located? Illinois

Stationed at Cooke Barracks from 1977-1980.

Allen Williamson Email

What city are you located? Bentonville

What state are you located? Arkansas

Stationed at Cooke barracks 1969-1970, looking for guys who worked in the motor pool, mail room butcher at the commissary.

Leonard Krashoc "KRASH" Email

What city are you located? Conneaut

What state are you located? Ohio

I was there in 1972,3. With the 1st infantry.
I was battalian draftsman/photographer.
Mainly I screwed off, it was a blast.
Now I'm a semi-retired artist/designer spending my time publishing kids books and traveling.
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