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Welcome to the CookeBarracks.com Guestbook. 79% of 242 poll respondents said their time at Cooke was either "great" or "the best"; 14% reported "good". Only 7% reported "not so good", or "not good". Clearly, Cooke Barracks was a magical place and, perhaps, that's why so many people visit CookeBarracks.com. CookeBarracks.com was born October 2002 and is responsible for uniting many, many people separated years ago.

This is where those who served at Cooke find each other. You're invited to add your entry so others can find you. For the past ten years, lots and lots of reunions have been made via this Guestbook

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This guestbook includes a couple thousand entries over ten years. So, there's little point in searching page by page to locate someone. This is where Google is put to work. Here's how to search for a long lost friend:

Go to www.google.com and search for your friend exactly like you see in the line below (this includes the quotation marks and "plus sign" immediately next to 'cookebarracks.com'):

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2,123 Entries
Gerald Thorne Email

What city are you located? Freehold

What state are you located? New Jersey

I was stationed there in 1955-56

Debi Sheridan Email

What city are you located? Springfield

What state are you located? MO

My ex-husband David Sheridan was stationed at Cooke Barracks from August 1988 to May 1991. He was in Echo Company 4/16th. I was there from March 1989 to May 1991.
Looking for any friends who were there the same time.

Otto Wlater Domann Email

What city are you located? Adelberg

What state are you located? Baden Wuertttmburg

I was in Cook Barracks from July 1968 till Dec. 1970 in
Company B 144 Sig. Bn. APO 09326

Dr. Steven Pusztay 

What city are you located? Fuquay-Varina

What state are you located? North Carolina

I was an occupant in the DP Camp not far from Cook Barracks and left in 1956 for the United States. I am Hungarian. If any one has pictures of the Camp it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Steve Pusztay, Ph.D.

Martin Matelan Email

What city are you located? Rankin

What state are you located? Pensylvania

stationed at Cooke from 1965 to March 1966. From that to school at Ft Rucker for Caribou and Vietnam. Looking for anyone who might remember a Sgt. Weight from one of the units on post. I think he was in supply. Was married and had a daughter. Looking for info on them.
Had great times on and off post. With aviation unit lived on top of hill behind the hanger. Thank you for the read

Jeff Cotter Email

What city are you located? Prescott

What state are you located? Arizona

Hey There

I was at Cooke Barracks with the 48th Transportation Company in 1966 to December 14th 1967.I was in the engineering department where we took care of all the generator's and aircraft ground handling equipment for the hanger. In 1967 when SP-5 Ashby went home I was promoted to SP-5 and was in charge of running the department. We had a blast ! What a Great group of guys we had in the department. Jim Withrow, Pete Sabo, Spike Blazack, Jim Ryan, Sy Orlofsky, and a guy named Shofft. I can't remember his first name.

Some of the best memories of my life are from that time. The friends, travel, the people and the beauty of Europe and Germany. I was lucky enough to visit Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland and East and West Berlin. Berlin was during the 50th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution when the Czar of Russia and his family were murdered. There were Russian flags every 6 feet all over East Berlin. Berlin was so interesting and wow what a trip !

It's had to believe that was 48 years ago. Like I tell all my family and friends enjoy your life and you do the same. If any of you would like to drop me a line feel free to do so.

Have a Great day and enjoy this site !!!

Jeff Cotter

Jerome Viste Email

What city are you located? Sturgeon Bay

What state are you located? Wisconsin

I was on the top floor of the HQ building as chief clerk in the G3 Section of 8th Divsion Headquarters in 1956-57. General Tom Watlngton was Divsion commander, with General Harold Johnson as ADC. He later became U. S. Army Chief of Staff in D.C. Some of the officers were: Col. Ben H. Ward, Col. Alpo Martinnen, Col. Triono, Major Massey, Capt. Duffield.
Sgt Orville Hughes was G3 section head, and some of my good friends were; Phil Cavanaugh, Elwin Northrup, John Fortier, Jay Laning,and Sgt Root.
We were billeted in a building with squad rooms which was up the hill from the bowling alley, easy access to beer, and we often went on the Army sponsored Sunday tours that visited places all over Germany, or a 35 cost on an Army bus with a civilian driver. These were good times at a good location and we all disliked being relocated to another base at Bad Krousnak

Rob Jennings Email

What city are you located? Kansas City

What state are you located? Missouri

I was station in Cooke Barracks 90-91. I'd like to find Vincent Maher, William Groves (Krueger)...
I found "The General" on FaceBook. 8) He's doing very well!

Jill Newhouse Email

What city are you located? Pineville

What state are you located? Louisiana

Hello Everyone.

I am trying to help a German girl find her American Grandfather. She doesn't have much info. His name is James D. Coston. He is between 74-78yrs old. He was stationed at Cooke Barracks during most if not all of the 1960's. I do not know his unit/company/or MOS. She tells me he was with the Big Red One. I'm hearing that the Big Red One may not have been in this part of Germany so I am not sure how correct that info may be. In 1962 He won some type of shooting award with the Rod and Gun Club. She believes he may have been from Texas or Arizona. He was married to Anne Angel or Engel in late 1960s. If you recognize these names or know of any other sites I may search please email me and let me know. I am currently going through the guest book list and emailing those who were stationed during this time frame. Thank you all for your service and any assistance you may provide. I've read a lot of comments and it seems Cooke Barracks and Goppingen were a great assignment.
Jill Newhouse
USAF Veteran 1988-1992
PS- I did belong to the 74 TFS (A-10) Flying Tigers Squadron. So the Army loved us.... which hopefully counts for something since I was Air Force. That's for all you Army folks that like to razz the Air Force folks. Hope this make many of you smile! and Hey, I don't mind the Razzing! Have a great day!

Tom Metcalfe Email

What city are you located? Sugar Land

What state are you located? Texas

Dependents living there in 1967-1979 time period with my brothers Clay, Frank and Jon.
We had a great time while living there. Moved on to Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio.
Friends there included Charles Yockey, Rickie Sutton and Mary Guerrero.
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