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Welcome to the CookeBarracks.com Guestbook. 79% of 242 poll respondents said their time at Cooke was either "great" or "the best"; 14% reported "good". Only 7% reported "not so good", or "not good". Clearly, Cooke Barracks was a magical place and, perhaps, that's why so many people visit CookeBarracks.com. CookeBarracks.com was born October 2002 and is responsible for uniting many, many people separated years ago.

This is where those who served at Cooke find each other. You're invited to add your entry so others can find you. For the past ten years, lots and lots of reunions have been made via this Guestbook

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2,284 Entries
Doyle Gilley Email

What city are you located? Dothan

What state are you located? Alabama

I was in B Co 1/26 IDF from 1978/81.

William  Email

What city are you located? Mount Dora

What state are you located? Florida

The military part had its ups and downs, of course, but overall a great experience at Cooke Barracks, 1987-1989 as the G-5 of the 1st IDF. It was a great group of people, both Americans and Germans. I also was the President on the American side of the German-American Club. Still keep contact with some of the German friends made during that time. Thanks to Herr Roehler, started my love of trains, especially from Maerklin.

Brian Hefler Email

What city are you located? Redding

What state are you located? CT

I am curious about Cooke Barracks because my father served in the US Army Medical Corps during WWII . At the cessation of hostilities he was stationed in Goppingen and was an officer (at times commanding officer) in a military repatriation camp in Goppingen. Would the Cooke Barracks ( or its predecessor) be the only military repatriation camp in Goppingen? Is any of it still standing? I have a bunch of pictures from 1945. Brian

robert evins, jr Email

What city are you located? milton

What state are you located? fl

i was an army brat at cooke in '63. my father was ret. lt. col robert o. evins, i went to his gravesite this morning at barrancas national cemetary with my brother, ret. maj evins. my father was commander of the airfield and that helo squadron that supplied the chopper for that fateful mission. i was 13 at the time and might well know more about that incident than some. little kids have big ears.there are facts that have never come to light, at least publicly.would be interested in discussing with pilots of that time. also several young 13 yr old crushes i remember fondly. my bro and i knew that base like the back of our hands. army brats, we ruled, bob evins

Andrew Parker Davis Email

What city are you located? Nashville

What state are you located? TN

Civilian connected to the school; editor of GRAPEVINE

Mary (Cooper) Durst Email

What city are you located? Wickliffe

What state are you located? Ohio

My X was stationed with C Co, 4th/16 from 1983-1986. Does anyone remember SGT Terry Cooper and family. We lived in on base housing.

Anne-Marie Maier Email

What city are you located? Vernon Hills

What state are you located? Illinois

When I was in Goeppingem, most knew me as Annie. I worked at both the NCO Club and Officer's Club. I had such a wonderful time meeting some of the best people. I would love to see more pictures from 1987 -1990. They only pictures I have are in my mind.

Tony Opat Email

What city are you located? Indianapolis

What state are you located? Indiana

DMed 79-81, and then the health clinic (762nd Med Det.) 81-82. Good times, fond memories. Recently learned SFC Muckenfuss passed away in 2015. He had a big impact on my military and civilian career. I've spoken of him often and wish I had looked him up before he passed away. I was young and dumb back then. Wish I had made more of my time there. I'm a fed civ employee at DFAS now.

Kent Miller Email

What city are you located? Kissimmee

What state are you located? Florida

I was stationed at Cooke Barracks from 1972 to 1975. It was my first assignment in my Army career, which spanned 26 years. I initially arrived in Germany in January 1972, assigned as Platoon Leader of the 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry with duty in Augsburg, Germany. Shortly after my arrival in Augsburg, I was sent to Goeppingen as part of the advanced party for our move from Augsburg to Cooke Barracks, where the unit stayed until deactivation. I served as platoon leader for one year and then was assigned as Battalion S-4 (Logistics) for my second year and then assigned as the Financial Management Officer for the 1st Infantry Division (Forward) until my rotation back to CONUS. I participated in several REFORGER Exercises during my time at Cooke Barracks. After I returned to the states, I continued my Army career with assignments at Fort Ord, California, ROTC Instructor Duty at the University of Minnesota, another Germany Tour with V Corps in Frankfurt, commanded Training Command at Fort Dix, New Jersey, a tour in the Pentagon with the Army Budget Office and finally my last tour of duty as Director of Resource Management of Army Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. I retired from active duty on September 30, 1997 at the rank of Colonel. I always think back to my days at Cooke Barracks with good memories and a fondness for the German people who were most gracious hosts for so many U.S. service members over so many years.

Luis A. Colon Gil Email

What city are you located? Arecibo

What state are you located? Puerto Rico

I served with C co. 299th support Bn. 1st infantry Div. foward. from july 1984 to may 1986. Looking for anyone who served with the 299th, or anyone who remember me.
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