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Welcome to the CookeBarracks.com Guestbook. 79% of 242 poll respondents said their time at Cooke was either "great" or "the best"; 14% reported "good". Only 7% reported "not so good", or "not good". Clearly, Cooke Barracks was a magical place and, perhaps, that's why so many people visit CookeBarracks.com. CookeBarracks.com was born October 2002 and is responsible for uniting many, many people separated years ago.

This is where those who served at Cooke find each other. You're invited to add your entry so others can find you. For the past ten years, lots and lots of reunions have been made via this Guestbook

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2,291 Entries
Evan Byers Email

What city are you located? Armstrong

What state are you located? Il.

Started out in late 85 at schwabisch gmund . With the 56 field artillery brigade .working and crewing uh-1h's up on the hill . With the police protection
From the protestors on the airfield .had some great times at the sports play next to the kaserne . Ingrid and Franz were great people.(I think that was their names) .we were then deactivated and reassigned as the 193 rd aviation co. @ planet goeppingen ( that's what we all called it) . Had some great times there and became friends with a lot of people. I left in 88 and transferred to Frankfurt.

Christopher Hegy Email

What city are you located? Morgan

What state are you located? Utah

Years at Planet Gurp: 1985 to 1988
Bravo Company, 4th/16th, Mechanized Infantry...3rd Platoon, 3rd Death Squad....Spirit of the Bayonet = "Kill-Kill-Kill"
I miss all of my Army green family. Mad Sly Davis, Fish, Ranger Gant, Chainsaw Schultz, Anker, Jonesy, Paul, Stanley Granger, SGT Aponte, Woods, Cushion, McDaniels, Gonzo, Florez, Evans, Harmon, Chamberlain, Bartlow, Kelsey, PaPa Roach, Heinrich, Jackson, Thornton, Nicula, Huntley, Vaa, Rodrigez and SGT Sanchez and I'm Hegy (Big Heg). I missed a bunch as I'm gettin old.
There's a few of us that keep in touch on FB group. Write me and I'll get you details. I miss you all as if we were feeding on Wurst mit ketchup und kurry at the Yak-Shack yesterday. I don't miss the long cold-cold nights standing in a frozen foxhole rubber-necking all night long at Graph. I miss "Mad Tuesday Parties" and checking out the new gear at the Rod and Gun Club. I miss running PT around the airfield while dawning a gas mask and puking out refer gestated Jäger and Double Wok. Guard Duty always sucked no matter where we pulled it. Roaming, Gate and Ammo Guard....ring a bell? Miss the walks to the Chow Hall and checking out an outdated movie at the theater. What I miss more than anything is the guys that are reading this. I hope you all are healthy and have thriving lives with beautiful wives. Cadillacs and lots of ass. Remember, you can't hack it...you better pack it! Duty First you Die Hard Grunts....Huahhh

Larry Jaderberg Email

What city are you located? La Grange

What state are you located? Illinois

Getting back to "life" after recent heart attack,and doing just ok, I look back at some of these messages and realize just how great it is to be alive and being part of a group of men,(and women) who served with honor and distinction soooo many years ago. For me, 1963-66 with C Co.144th Sig. Bn...here and in Crailsheim. Ended my terms in Vietnam. I've been here before, this site, and continue to enjoy looking back.
First on a train from Chicago to Ft. Leonard Wood to Ft. Gordon to Goeppingen/Crailsheim to Pleiku, VN with Radio Relay HHQ/13th Sig. Bn. I miss many whom I've had the esteem pleasure of seeing later in life and those who I've learned to love and respect and are no longer with us on this little speck of dirt in the Universe. To the creators of this site, to the people who care enough to say hello on this site, to our young Military today---God Bless!!

James Clark (Jim) Email

What city are you located? Manhattan

What state are you located? Kansas

Was at Cooke Barracks From Oct. 1956 Tell Jan 1958

Allen A Hesson Email

What city are you located? Santa Maria

What state are you located? California

Drafted from Beatrice, Nebraska 24 Feb 1951. I served at Cooke Barracks from Nov 1951 to Feb 1953 with Headquarters, 28th Infantry Division, Finance Section. I became a Sgt & Chief of Travel/perdiem. Anyone who may have transferred into the 28th at that time probably came to my window at the Finance office. Nice post and a very good experience.

John Fuller Email

What city are you located? Gastonia

What state are you located? North Carolina

I was with G-3 4th Armored Division from 1967-77. I was looking at the calendar on 6/6/2016 and it rekindled an old memory. I had just recently arrived in Germany and was getting a haircut by Ewalt (sp) the barber whose shop was in our barracks which was Headquarters Company 4th Armored. That day he reminded that it was 6/6/66. I remember everybody loved Ewalt and for whatever reason we always called him Awol.
Does anyone still remember him?

Brantley Burns MD Email

What city are you located? Knoxville

What state are you located? Tennessee

I was the Division Surgeon there from 1980-1981. Worked with Dr. Michael Shoemaker. BG Henslick was the CG. I mostly worked at the clinic treating dependents for a variety of general medical problems. Later went to Stuttgart's 5th general hospital for training under their orthopedic surgeons.

Doyle Gilley Email

What city are you located? Dothan

What state are you located? Alabama

I was in B Co 1/26 IDF from 1978/81.

William  Email

What city are you located? Mount Dora

What state are you located? Florida

The military part had its ups and downs, of course, but overall a great experience at Cooke Barracks, 1987-1989 as the G-5 of the 1st IDF. It was a great group of people, both Americans and Germans. I also was the President on the American side of the German-American Club. Still keep contact with some of the German friends made during that time. Thanks to Herr Roehler, started my love of trains, especially from Maerklin.

Brian Hefler Email

What city are you located? Redding

What state are you located? CT

I am curious about Cooke Barracks because my father served in the US Army Medical Corps during WWII . At the cessation of hostilities he was stationed in Goppingen and was an officer (at times commanding officer) in a military repatriation camp in Goppingen. Would the Cooke Barracks ( or its predecessor) be the only military repatriation camp in Goppingen? Is any of it still standing? I have a bunch of pictures from 1945. Brian
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